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Granulator Machine

Plastic Granulator Machines, also known as crushers or grinders, are shredders used to granulate a variety of plastic materials into small, uniform sizes. The pelletizer can be used as a stand-alone machine. Or you can connect it to a feed conveyor or even a shredder baler to form a production line. Some heavy-duty pelletizers with high output rates are quite commonly used in recycling lines, such as RDF lines. They are usually located behind the shredder as a secondary pelletizing process to obtain smaller and uniformly sized items.

Plastic Granulator Machine is designed to be dependable sturdy machines in high throughput or demanding applications,span a wide range of sizes,starting from 500mm diameter up to 2000mm.

Sturdy recycling-focused design

Different hopper style

Various rotor options

Replaceable wear plates

Easy blade change/adjustment

Different applications in the plastic recycling field, especially plastic sheets, plastic drums, solid plastic, and tire rubber.

Granulators Range:

Heavy-duty plastic granulator machine: sometimes called plastic crushers: Heavy Duty Granulators Plastic Grinder wide range of materials can be crushed Plastics, Rubber, Paper & Cardboard, Copper Cable, Textiles, Foam, etc. The efficiency can reach 300kg-3500kg per hour.

Economical granulator: This Economic Small Plastic Granulator/Crusher is specially used for recycling material heads, leftover material, scraped injection molding, and PET bottles. It can improve work efficiency matching with crusher.

Inline granulatorInline Plastic Scrap Granulator crusher machine is used to recycle corner material, corner plastic. Rigid plastic, such as PA, acrylic, POM, PBT, and material with fiber, as well as soft rubber, such as TPE, TPR, PU,TPU,EVA, rubber, and silica gel is applicable.

Granulating Machine Plastic Recycling Applications

Plastic Granulator Machines is widely used in the scrap recycling industry, especially in the field of plastics recycling. Granulators are ideal for crushing bulk waste materials such as PET, HDPE, PP, PE, PVC, and various other scrap plastic products. These scrap plastic materials are usually in the form of injection/extrusion runners, plastic tubes, films, PET bottles, HDPE containers, nylon strips or tubes, etc. In addition to being used in the plastics recycling field, pelletizers can also be used to shred many other types of scrap, such as paper, rubber, etc.

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