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  • 100kg Copper Cable Granulator

  • 100kg Copper Cable Granulator

  • 100kg Copper Cable Granulator

  • 100kg Copper Cable Granulator

  • 100kg Copper Cable Granulator

100kg Copper Cable Granulator

Recycle scrap copper 100 to 200 kg per hour,purity up to 99.9% Perfect for start-up recycling companies.

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This model is OTD300,PLC control,dry type cable granulator,capacity is around 100 to 200kg per hour.

The total power is around 27kW. ,It suits the smaller recycling company.

We had exported 1set to New Zeland in the year of 2019, the customer was very satisfied with this OTD300 cable granulator,

he was excited and wrote to us happily "I thought you might like to see some images of the OTD300 we have setup in our factory and the excellent quality clean copper coming from the machine,our operator has got to know the OTD300 very well and knows exactly how to get the best out of the machine now, see the attached images of the copper recycled in just 1 day. So, the OTD300 is doing a great job for us and has paid for itself already." 

2 years later,his friend came to us,and another OTD300 is on the way to the site.

We are pretty happy because customers are satisfied, this is win-win cooperation,we look forward to more good partnership and distributorship.

ModelCapacity (Kg/Hr)Total Power (Kw)Weight(Kg)Dimension(m)


100~200kg/hr copper cable wire granulator.




Automobile electrical wire,car electric wire,motorcycle electric wire,power cable,communication cable,signal cables,etc.

OTD300 Copper Cable GranulatorOTD300 Copper Cable Granulator


Copper granules,plastic granules and mica tape are separated,purity more than 99%

OTD300 Copper Cable GranulatorOTD300 Copper Cable GranulatorOTD300 Copper Cable Granulator


Q1:Is this copper wire recycling machine easy to operate?

A: Yes.Our machine is highly automatic.Machine equipped with PLC system only need one operator to operate the machine.


Q2: How long we need to change the blades ?

A: It depends on many factors,the material of the blades installed in granulator is D2,can be sharpened,our customers replace blades in 6months to 12 months.


Q3: How can I become a distributor?

A: Different country,different agreement. We need to know more a bit about your company capability.

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