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  • 1000kg Cable Wire Recycling Production Line

  • 1000kg Cable Wire Recycling Production Line

  • 1000kg Cable Wire Recycling Production Line

  • 1000kg Cable Wire Recycling Production Line

  • 1000kg Cable Wire Recycling Production Line

  • 1000kg Cable Wire Recycling Production Line

1000kg Cable Wire Recycling Production Line

The biggest capacity 1000kg per hour.

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Why choose Optima cable recycling production line?

1. The whole system adopts Italian single-shaft shredder for pre-shredding.

1.1) The current induction feeding mode is adopted, which is more suitable for the crushing of solid materials;

1.2) The maintenance cost is greatly reduced compared with the double shaft shredder;

1.3) It is easy to maintain, no need to disassemble the motor, reducer and rotor to replace the blade;

1.4) The shredder has three control modes: manual, automatic, and pulse pushing. A variety of pushing methods can meet

 the needs of shredding different materials.

1.5) The sieve can be added to effectively control the size of the shredded materials.


2. The system adopts two-stage dust removal, which can separate most of the dust through a cyclone, effectively protecting

 the service life of the pulse dust bag;


3. The crusher adopts advanced German structure;

1.1) The structure of rotor and blade is more suitable for cutting wires and cables;

1.2) The gap between the movable blade and the fixed blade can be locked to effectively control the loss of copper powder 

caused by the expansion of the gap;

1.3) Using 7 groups of 14 movable blades to effectively increase the output of secondary crushing;

1.4) The opening and closing of the upper chamber cover and the screen bracket of the crusher are all hydraulically controlled

 and automatically controlled;


4. The vibrating screen adopts Italian technology.

4.1) Only guarantee the vibration of the sieve, effectively reduce the vibration source to ensure the stability of the machine;

4.2) The air inlet of the vibrating screen adopts filtration technology to ensure that the air entering the bottom of the vibrating

 screen is relatively clean and prolong the service life of the vibrating screen.

4.3) The vibrating screen adopts an upper and lower fixed structure, which is easy to replace the screen.

4.4) The unique weaving process of the sieve of vibrating screen, the thin copper will not block the sieve.

Installation in Indonesia:



The flow chart of OTD1000 tell you how to get copper and plastic from the waste cables.



These are cables,include automobile electrical wire,car electric wire,motorcycle electric wire,power cable,communication

cable,signal cables,etc.

Rigid cables, flexible wires,armoring cables are available.

OTD1000 Cable Wire Recycling PlantOTD1000 Cable Wire Recycling Plant


These are copper granules and plastic granules after separation, the purity up to 99.9%. 

OTD1000 Cable Wire Recycling PlantOTD1000 Cable Wire Recycling Plant

We have enigeers team to provide site service and online service, if necessary, we can send engineers to your site for installation, debugging and

training your workers.


Q1: How do I know the quality of your machine?

A: You can send your sample scrap materials to us and we will test the machine for you without charging the fees. And we can send the machine test video to you. We also warmly welcome you to visit our factory to test our machine personally.

Q2: When we only purchase one shredder machine production line, can we use it to shred other scrap materials like?

A: It is advised to show us the other scrap materials first,our team will evaluate and tell you if it is feasible.

Q3: Which brand of motor will you use?

A: China top brand Wannan or overseas brand Siemens,ABB,etc. Your requirement is acceptable.

Q4: Will you send the engineer to guide installation?

A: Yes, according to the customer's requirement, engineers will be sent to guide installation,commisioning and training.

Q5: Does crusher unit cooling be required?

A: We adopt EU technology for crusher, it doesn’t require water cooling unit. 

Q6: Can we feed armoured cable?

A: The pre-shredder is advised before crusher,so that iron/steel can be removed before materials go through the crusher. 

FAQ about Optima Cable Wire Recycling Machine

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