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  • Mini Copper Wire Granulator

  • Mini Copper Wire Granulator

  • Mini Copper Wire Granulator

  • Mini Copper Wire Granulator

Small Cable Granulator and Separator

Small Copper Wire Granulator Separator: Small shape,1 phase power,grind and separate copper from plastic cable wires. Use crowd: One electrician, one unit.

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Mini copper wire granulator is a comprehensive processing equipment for recycling automotive wires, communication cables and other kinds of miscellaneous wires and cables. Copper granulator separates waste copper wire, from the plastic of the insulated wire. The machine uses a dry physical crushing method. This prevents contamination while making the extraction process as simple as possible. The price of this copper granulator is very friendly to individuals!

Machine Specifications:

Cable granulator and separator,small structure,it grinds and separates rigid cables and flexible wires.
The most amazing innovation is, this is driven with single phase power 220V or 230V or 240V.

Capacity20 to 50 kg per hour.
Machine weight600kg
Machine size1100mm * 1100mm * 1800mm, with 4 wheels at the bottom
ToolD2 material is used
TechnologyItaly MG
Screen sizeEach set of OTD50 have 2 screens,2mm and 2.5mm
Cable RangeRigid <10mm, Flexible <15mm
Copper particle size2mm to 3mm
Delivery timeNeed to know your country or region!


Put the waste wire or cable through the top entrance of the machine, use the shredder to shred the wire and cable to 2mm to 3mm particle size (only when it is this small, the plastic skin and copper particles will be peeled off from each other). Then using the principle of specific gravity vibration, the materials with different specific gravity will be separated from each other, and then the particles with the same specific gravity will flow out from the same outlet, and you will get plastic particles and copper particles.


Some recyclers or electricians have small amounts of cable and no space to store it. Perfect for this small copper wire granulator with a small footprint and affordable price. This model OTD50 is a very good choice. And the pricing is more suitable for personal use.

Small Copper Granulator Features

Low power consumption,main motor is 3kW,save enegry;
1 phase electrisity, workshop is not necessary;
Small dimensions,save installation space;
Both rigid cable and flexible wires are acceptable.

Advantages of Optima Cable Granulator

1. The whole system adopts Italian single-shaft shredder for pre-shredding.

1.1) The current induction feeding mode is adopted, which is more suitable for the crushing of solid materials;

1.2) The maintenance cost is greatly reduced compared with the double shaft shredder;

1.3) It is easy to maintain, no need to disassemble the motor, reducer and rotor to replace the blade;

1.4) The shredder has three control modes: manual, automatic, and pulse pushing. A variety of pushing methods can meet the needs of shredding different materials;

1.5) The sieve can be added to effectively control the size of the shredded materials.

2. The system adopts two-stage dust removal, which can separate most of the dust through a cyclone, effectively protecting the service life of the pulse dust bag.

3. The crusher adopts advanced German structure.

3.1) The structure of rotor and blade is more suitable for cutting wires and cables;

3.2) The gap between the movable blade and the fixed blade can be locked to effectively control the loss of copper powder caused by the expansion of the gap;

3.3) Using 7 groups of 14 movable blades to effectively increase the output of secondary crushing;

3.4) The opening and closing of the upper chamber cover and the screen bracket of the crusher are all hydraulically controlled and automatically controlled.

4. The vibrating screen adopts Italian technology.

4.1) Only guarantee the vibration of the sieve, effectively reduce the vibration source to ensure the stability of the machine;

4.2) The air inlet of the vibrating screen adopts filtration technology to ensure that the air entering the bottom of the vibrating screen is relatively clean and prolong the service life of the vibrating screen;

4.3) The vibrating screen adopts an upper and lower fixed structure, which is easy to replace the screen;

4.4) The unique weaving process of the sieve of vibrating screen, the thin copper will not block the sieve.


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Small cable granulator and separator

After-sales service

For the installation and use of equipment, we used to send engineers to customer sites to help customers install, debug and train customer operators, now because of the epidemic, can not go to the site, we will provide recorded video and video conferencing to help customers, will also establish some groups including engineers to help customers solve problems, no worries after the purchase!

Warranty 1 year, we are medium to high quality equipment, 10 years down the quality problems are very few, past customer feedback is also relatively good, so after-sales problems are relatively few, once the problem occurs, our engineers will respond quickly to give a temporary alternative, and arrange parts sent to the customer's address.

FAQ about Optima Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Q1: How do I know the quality of your machine?

A: You can send your sample scrap materials to us and we will test the machine for you without charging the fees. And we can send the machine test video to you. We also warmly welcome you to visit our factory to test our machine personally.

Q2:Which country have you exported to?
A: Russia,France,New Zealand,Thailand,India,Mexico,Chile,Algeria,etc.

Q3: How long is your after-sale service ?

A: We provide 12 months warranty from the date of installation.

Small Copper Wire Granulator Separator

Small Copper Wire Granulator Separator


This image tells the pure copper and plastic you will get from the copper wires.

Small Copper Wire Granulator Separator


Small Copper Wire Granulator Separator


Copper granules, 2mm to 3mm

Small Copper Wire Granulator Separator

Plastic granules:

Small Copper Wire Granulator Separator

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