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  • Double Shaft Shredder

  • Double Shaft Shredder

  • Double Shaft Shredder

  • Double Shaft Shredder

  • Double Shaft Shredder

Double Shaft Shredder

Used for heavy-duty shredding of tough materials like metals, aluminum profiles, metal scraps, automobile scrap,tires,solid waste,etc. The most advanced feature is that the shredder can turn forward and reverse without stopping motors at anytime.

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The Twin Shaft Shredder is a widely used industrial shredder with low speed, high torque and high throughput, designed to efficiently process a wide range of materials. It can be equipped with different components depending on the material and final size or used with other stages of shredders to reduce the material to the desired size.

Powerfully shredding force is generated by hydraulic unit with dynamic-changing rotating speed and torque. Optima(Manufacturer of Double Shaft Shredder from China) shredders are equipped with hydraulic system and motor for highly reliable performance and low maintenance cost. 

The blades can be made integrated one or the hooks can be separated from the base.

Blade material: H13, D2,42CrMo,alloy steel

Our machines are specifically designed to meet the needs of paper mills, corrugated cardboard plants, paper mills, biomass power plants, landfills, recycling plants, manufacturing plants, RDF systems, biostabilization, etc.

Double Shaft Shredders Specification:

ModelMotor PowerShaft SpeedRotor Dia.Blade QuantityBlade Thickness
Custom-made acceptable.(Please send us your request for inquiry!)


1. Advanced structure, reasonable design, low speed, large torque, and low noise.

2. The cutter comes with a split-type structure, it is convenient to replace and is specially used for shredding hollow materials, sheets, plates, and other materials.

3. Equipped with a power protection relay to effectively prevent motor damage caused by power supply overvoltage, Undervoltage, and lack of equivalence.

4. Adopt PLC intelligent control, automatically detect the load of the motor, automatically run forward, stop, reverse and alarm.

5. Equipped with a video surveillance system.


Q1: Will you send the engineer to guide installation?

A: Yes, according to the customer's requirement, engineers will be sent to guide installation, commissioning, and training.

Q2:Can you offer the OEM and the R&D product?

A: OEM & ODM are available by the engineering team with 15+ years of experience. 

Q3:What is the main feature of your shredder?

l Be designed with an aggressive low RPM, and high torque shredding technology.

l All of our blades are made from exotic steel and heat treated to an average of 56-60 on the Rockwell Scale.

l Each shaft is driven by its own Siemens motor, giving it plenty of power to drive through tires and thick steel beads.

l Customized capacity can be up to 20tons per hour.


The 3D design shredder chamber tells you the shafts,blades,spacers.

Double shaft shredder


Crushing and recycling of various solid wastes

JEP offers size reduction equipment and recycling/disposal solutions for different solid wastes, which help to improve resource efficiency and reduce the space occupied by landfills.

Double Shaft High Torque Shredders have a wide range of applications, so ask us for more! Raw materials: MSW,household appliances,hazrdous waste,wood,tires,cloths

Double shaft shredder

Double shaft shredder



Double shaft shredderDouble shaft shredder

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