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  • Rubber Crumb Machine

Rubber Crumb Machine/Plant

Granulator •Feeding : Rubber Mulch, size: 3/8" to 2" (10 to 50mm) •Output : Grade 2 - Crumb Rubber / Granulate / Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) with the size range between 4 to 18 mesh (1 to 5 mm) Application: rubber floor,rubber mat,rubber playground

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The rubber crumb plant produce a fine wire free rubber granules that can be used for remanufactured rubber, floor mats, mud flaps, sporting arenas, molded products, modified asphalt and more.

The equipment of rubber crumb machine are:

Double Shaft ShredderBladeHeavy Duty Granulator

The main equipment is granulator,the Granulators are designed to grind the rubber mulch from the Grater into small granules as fine as 10 mesh. The granules are screened and re-circulated until the desired size is reached. Due to the design of the our granulator and precise alignment of the blades, this Granulator produces a very uniform cut, high quality granule. During the granulation process, 99% of the fiber is removed, leaving a contaminant free crumb rubber granulate ready to be further processed or sold.


Feeding : Rubber Mulch, size: 3/8" to 2" (10 to 50mm) 

Output : Grade 2 - Crumb Rubber / Granulate / Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) with the size range between 4 to 18 mesh (1 to 5 mm) 

Application: rubber floor,rubber mat,rubber playground


Q1: What’s the main feature of your granulator?

l 99% fiber removed.

l Adjustable screen.

l Due to the design of the Granulator and precise alignment of the blades, the granulator produces a very uniform cut and high quality granules.

Q2: Do you know the purchasors of outfeed?

A: Yes, we have some market resource info,we’d like to share them with you after you become one of our customers.

Q3: Will you send the engineer to guide installation?

A: Yes, according to the customer's requirement, engineers will be sent to guide installation,commisioning and training.

Q4:Which country have you exported to?

A: USA,Puerto Rico,Spain,UK,Kazakhstan,Morroco,India,Oman,Colombia,etc

Q5: Which brand of motor will you use?

A: China top brand Wannan or overseas brand Siemens,ABB,etc. Your requirement is acceptable.

Q6:About the after-sale service, how can you solve the problems occurred of your overseas customer in time?

A:The warranty of our machine is normally 12 months, during this period, we will arrange the international express immediately, to make sure the replace parts to be delivered as soon as possible.   


How to process rubber crumb from waste tires?

Mobile Portable Tire Shredder and tire TDF plant are the first step to shredding the tires, when the tires enter the tire shredder, they are shredded into 50*50mm (Mobile Portable Tire Shredder) or 50 to 305 mm TDF chips that can be used as fuel.

Next, the TDF chips or the entire tire is shredded into 16-32mm rubber blocks using wire free mulch plant and the steel wire is stripped from the tire/TDF chips. 16-32mm rubber blocks are used for paving mulch in gardens, playgrounds and arenas and the steel wire can be used for recycling.

Next, the rubber crumb machine/plant is used to crush the rubber into 1-7mm rubber granules for rubber floor, rubber mat, rubber playground. 

Finally, the rubber powder production line is used to produce 30 to 60 mesh (250 to 595 µm) 60 to 80 mesh (177 to 250 µm) powder, which can be used in the production of hoses, rubber tires, and recycled rubber for reuse.

Rubber Crumb Machine/Plant

Waste tire recycling process as below:

Rubber Crumb Machine/Plant


Rubber Crumb Machine/Plant

Infeed: whole tires or wire free rubber mulch


1-6mm rubber granules, if the customer further wan to separate 0-1mm,1-2mm,2-3mm... kindly tell us, we have solutions.

Rubber Crumb Machine/Plant

Rubber Crumb Machine/Plant

Rubber crumb application in floor mat,running track and playground.

Rubber Crumb Machine/Plant

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