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  • Tire Mulch Machine

  • Tire Mulch Machine

  • Tire Mulch Machine

  • Tire Mulch Machine

  • Tire Mulch Machine

Wire Free Mulch Plant

Tires/Clean Cut Chips / Grater / Rasper •Feeding : TDF rubber blocks Output : Tire Chip / Rubber Mulch / Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) with the size range between 3/8" to 2" (10 to 50mm) and free from exposed wire and textiles. (ASTM 6114, PAS 107:2012) Application: horserace,arena playground

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Wire free rubber mulch recycling plants are perfect for those who need wire free TDF or rubber mulch. The rubber mulch market is growing 

at more than 30% a year. Primary uses are for gardens, playgrounds, and arenas.

Infeed material:  TDF rubber block or whole tires

Outfeed product: 18-30mm wire free rubber granules, steel wire

Main equipment: grater/rasper

The Grater is the ultimate machine for mid-stream grinding and steel separation. It is specifically designed to take pre-shredded tires chips and produce between 18-30mm wire free rubber chip. The Grater and can process up to 5 tons of input per hour. The main rotor housing is equipped with replaceable wear plates to increase the durability and longevity of the cutting chamber. Another unique feature of this machine is the ability to turn the knives once before having to send them to be sharpened or replaced, minimizing operating costs.

Tire recycling process and clean rubbers

Wire Free Mulch Plant

Why Optima?

Wire Free Mulch Plant


Installed rubber mulch plant and the output comes from relevant machines.

Tire Mulch Machine

Tire Mulch Machine


rubber mulch machine

Input include TDF strips,whole truck tyres, car tyres, passenger tyres, OTR tyres,etc.


Output rubber mulch:  18-30mm

tire mulcher machine

Rubber mulch application:

Pyrolysis,gardens, playgrounds, and horse arenas.

tire mulcher machine


Q1:What’s the main feature of your rasper?

l Steel separation.

l Adjustable screen.

l The main rotor housing is equipped with replaceable wear plates to increase the durability and longevity of the cutting chamber.

l The ability to turn the knives once before having to sent them to be sharpened or replaced, minimizing operation costs.

Q2:What make you different from your competitors? Why are you better?

l Engineering and technology very good

l Good history of quality and service

l Construction accurate

l Welds good

l PLC control,very easy operation

l Turnkey service include design,production,logistic,customs,installation,commissioning,etc.


Q3:Which country have you exported to?

A: USA,Puerto Rico,Chile,Spain,Morocco,UK,Russia,Kazakhstan,Oman,India,etc.


Q4:Why your price so expensive?

l Technology

l Material of blade

l Blade life

l After-sale service

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