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  • Copper Wire Granulator

  • Copper Wire Granulator

  • Copper Wire Granulating Machine

  • Copper Wire Granulating Machine

300kg Per Hour Cable Granulator

300kg per hour cable recycling plant, pre shredder can be added if necessary,PLC control. Suitable for medium-sized recycling companies.

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1. Machine: cable Granulator

2. Capacity: 200~300kg per hour

3. Online support and video support always provide

4. If customer has limited budget,the bag dust removal is recommended;

   If customer wants a more automatically plant, the pulse dust removal is recommended

5. OTD400 is a promotional model , it is very suitable to middle-scale recycling company,especially in China because of the attractive price

6. Welcome to our factory to check the running machines.

7. Parameters:

ModelCapacity (Kg/Hr)Total Power (Kw)Weight(Kg)Dimension(m)

8. The D2 blades work long time to save customer replacement cost,as we know, some suppliers use 9CrSi blade,it is worn out very fast.


If the cables only consist of insulation sheath and copper,this is the most easy way to recycle and separate.

But some cables have armoured structure,so the pre shredder is required and the iron steel will be removed separately.

For our proposal of cable recycling plant,the pre-shredders are single shaft shredders with hydraulic drive a hydraulic feed pusher to deliver material at a constant pressure to the cutter shaft and has been designed to pre shred material to a predetermined size by use of various screen sizes. 

After shredding,crushing and vibrating separation,the copper,plastic and iron steel are separated, the customer can sell all these directly to cash out.

300kg per hour Cable Granulator


The scrap cables you can find in the market,PVC cable, rubber cable, PE cable, power cable,communication cable,car cable,electronic cable,etc

Cable Wire Recycling Machine


Copper granules, plastic granules.

400 Cable Wire Recycling Machine400 Cable Wire Recycling Machine


Q1: What is the purity rate of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine?

A: Our Machine is new design and the purity rate can be higher than 99%.

Q2: Will you send the engineer to guide installation?

A: Yes, according to the customer's requirement, engineers will be sent to guide installation,commisioning and training.

Q3: Does crusher unit cooling be required?

A: We adopt EU technology for crusher, it doesnt require water cooling unit.

FAQ about Optima Cable Wire Recycling Machine

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