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500kg Cable Wire Recycling Machine

OTD500 Scrap Copper Wire Recycling Machine consist of single shaft shredder,granulator,vibration separator and pulse dust collector,this is a popular model for medium scale cable manufacturers,make their scrap cable to cash. Suitable for medium-sized cable manufacturers and waste recycling companies.

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About Scrap copper cable wire recycling machine:

Scrap copper cable wire recycling machine is a production line that shreds or breaks scrap wire and cable into granules, and then separates copper from plastic. Scrap Copper Wire Recycling Machine is an indispensable environmental protection machine. Because most wires and cables are made of copper , this machine is also called copper wire recycling machine, copper wire recycling machine, copper wire granulator, etc. The copper wire recycling machine recycles scrap cable wires through a shredding and separation process, so it has no restrictions on the size or type of incoming cable wires. Any construction wires and cables, industrial cables, low-voltage cables, flexible wires, fixture wires or special-purpose wires and cables, such as battery leads, marine wires, bus lead-in cables, electric vehicle cables, festoon cables, distributed power generation cables, etc., can be passed through copper wire recycling machine recycling.

500kg Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Scrap Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine Specification:

ModelCapacity (Kg/Hr)Total Power (Kw)Weight(Kg)Dimension(m)


The Scrap Copper Wire Recycling Machine is mainly composed of crusher , single-shaft shredder, Blades, vibrating screen, dust removal system.


   1, the upper chamber is Arc-shaped→ more suitable for material feeding

   2, chamber can be open→easy for blade maintenance

   3, heavy duty structure design

   4, both the body and the screen are driven by the hydraulic system

2.Single-shaft shredder 

   hydraulic propulsion system→prevent clogging and improve work efficiency


   1, material:D2→more suitable for cutting copper cable

   2, blades of granulator  can be sharpened →repeated use

   3, blades of shredder can be used 4 angles

4.Customize vibrating screen  

   1,easy clean

   2,perfect separation

5.Dust removal system

   1, separate more than 90% of mica tape

   2, only we have the system  

Advantage of Scrap Wire Recycling Machine:

1. Compact structure, reasonable layout, safe and reliable, easy installation, no dust outlet, dust separation rate can reach more than 99%.

2. Continuous feeding, easy operation, saving time and effort, ensuring stable operation of the equipment.

3. Customizable chopper and pulverizer blades

4. The return system crushes the unfinished material again, ensuring the complete separation of copper and plastic.

5. This waste cable and wire material recovery and crushing separator adopts the combination of air separator and high-voltage electrostatic separator to increase the recovery rate to more than 99%.

6. The machine configuration can be adjusted to suit different types of wires and cables

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This is the process of 300kg~500kg per hour Scrap copper cable wire recycling machine.

500kg Cable Wire Recycling Machine


Automobile electrical wire,car electric wire,motorcycle electric wire,power cable,communication cable,signal cables,etc.

Max. diameter 50mm.

OTD500 Cable Wire Recycling PlantOTD500 Cable Wire Recycling Plant


Copper granules, plastic granules and the mica tape are separated after going through the granulator and separator.

Purity more than 99%.

OTD500 Cable Wire Recycling PlantOTD500 Cable Wire Recycling Plant

OTD500 Cable Wire Recycling Plant

The spare parts include blades and screen sieves,look at the ones our company use,can you realized the difference with other suppliers?

500kg Cable Wire Recycling Machine

500kg Cable Wire Recycling Machine


Q1: Can we feed armoured cable?

A: The pre-shredder is advised before crusher,so that iron/steel can be removed before materials go through the crusher.

Q2: Can you send us the layout of the line?

A: Sure,if you can tell us the size of your workshop, our engineers will provide you with more detailed layout with placement drawings,this will assist you more.

Q3: Shall I require SGS inspection since I cannot go to China?

A: It is optional.There is another option FYI,we will share videos,images and machine trials before dispatch after we start the production,you can inspect from A to Z even you cannot come to China.

Q4: Have you worked on this kind of a project in my country before?

A: Yes,some win-win projects even brought us partners,the clients become representatives in their regions.

Q5:Which country have you exported to?

A: Russia,France,New Zealand,Thailand,India,Mexico,Chile,Algeria,etc.

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