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How to choose cable granulator in China

Oct. 22, 2021

There are many manufacturers of cable granulator in China, but with different performanace and price, how to choose a good cable granulator?

These are the advantages of our cable granulator compared with others:

1. The whole system adopts Italian single-shaft shredder for pre-shredding.

1.1) The current induction feeding mode is adopted, which is more suitable for the crushing of solid materials;

1.2) The maintenance cost is greatly reduced compared with the double shaft shredder;

1.3) It is easy to maintain, no need to disassemble the motor, reducer and rotor to replace the blade;

1.4) The shredder has three control modes: manual, automatic, and pulse pushing. A variety of pushing methods can meet the needs of shredding different materials.

1.5) The sieve can be added to effectively control the size of the shredded materials.


2. The system adopts two-stage dust removal, which can separate most of the dust through a cyclone, effectively protecting the service life of the pulse dust bag;


3. The crusher adopts advanced German structure;

1.1) The structure of rotor and blade is more suitable for cutting wires and cables;

1.2) The gap between the movable blade and the fixed blade can be locked to effectively control the loss of copper powder caused by the expansion of the gap;

1.3) Using 7 groups of 14 movable blades to effectively increase the output of secondary crushing;

1.4) The opening and closing of the upper chamber cover and the screen bracket of the crusher are all hydraulically controlled and automatically controlled;


4. The vibrating screen adopts Italian technology.

4.1) Only guarantee the vibration of the sieve, effectively reduce the vibration source to ensure the stability of the machine;

4.2) The air inlet of the vibrating screen adopts filtration technology to ensure that the air entering the bottom of the vibrating screen is relatively clean and prolong the service life of the vibrating screen.

4.3) The vibrating screen adopts an upper and lower fixed structure, which is easy to replace the screen.

4.4) The unique weaving process of the sieve of vibrating screen, the thin copper will not block the sieve.

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