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FAQ about Optima Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Mar. 21, 2023

Q1: Why Choose Optima?

1). 10+ years experience

We have rich experience in equipment manufacturing. Our machines have a high reputation both at domestic and abroad (Such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania and so on more than 10 countries)

2). Manufacturer, not a trader

Factory direct sale makes the price more competitive. Customers are always welcome to visit our factory for machine tests.

3). Fast Delivery


Q2: How do I know the quality of your machine?

500kg Cable Wire Recycling Machine

A: You can send your sample scrap materials to us and we will test the machine for you without charging the fees. And we can send the machine test video to you. We also warmly welcome you to visit our factory to test our machine personally.


Q3: When we only purchase one shredder machine production line, can we use it to shred other scrap materials?

A: It is advised to show us the other scrap materials first, our team will evaluate and tell you if it is feasible.


Q4: Which brand of motor will you use?

A: China top brand Wannan or overseas brand Siemens, ABB, etc. Your requirement is acceptable.


Q5: Will you send the engineer to guide the installation?

A: Yes, according to the customer's requirement, engineers will be sent to guide installation,commissioning, and training.


Q6: Does crusher unit cooling be required?

A: We adopt EU technology for crusher, it doesn’t require a water cooling unit.


Q7: Can we feed armored cable?

A: The pre-shredder is advised before the crusher so that iron/steel can be removed before materials go through the crusher.


Q8: Can you send us the layout of the line?

A: Sure, if you can tell us the size of your workshop, our engineers will provide you with a more detailed layout with placement drawings, this will assist you more.


Q9: Shall I require an SGS inspection since I cannot go to China?

A: It is optional. There is another option FYI, we will share videos, images, and machine trials before dispatch after we start the production, you can inspect from A to Z even you cannot come to China.


500kg Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Q10: Have you worked on this kind of project in my country before?

A: Yes, some win-win projects even brought us, partners, the clients become representatives in their regions.


Q11:What makes you different from your competitors? Why are you better?

  • Engineering and technology are very good

  • Good history of quality

  • Construction accurate

  • Welds good

  • PLC control,very easy operation


Q12:Which country have you exported to?

A: Russia,France,New Zealand,Thailand,India,Mexico,Chile,Algeria,etc.


Q13:Why your price so expensive?

  • Technology

  • Material of blade

  • Blade life

  • After-sale service


Q14:Can you give me a discount?

A: If you can place the order within this week, I will be sure to persuade the boss to give you a big discount or give you extra spare parts***


Q15: What is the purity rate of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine?

A: Our Machine is a new design and the purity rate can be higher than 99 %.


Q16: How long is your after-sale service?

A: We provide 12 months warranty from the date of installation.


Q17:Is this copper wire recycling machine easy to operate?

A: Yes. Our machine is highly automatic. Machine equipped with PLC system only needs one operator to operate the machine.


Q18: What is your smallest capacity?

A: Model OTD50. Its capacity is 30~50kg/h.


Q19: How long do we need to change the blades?

A: It depends on many factors, the blades installed in the granulator can be sharpened, our customers replace blades in 6months to 12 months.


Q20: How can I become a distributor?

A: Different country, different agreement. We need to know more a bit about your company's capability.

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