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End-of-life Tires As An Alternative Fuel (TDF) in Cement Kilns

Jul. 09, 2022

End-of-life tires are a challenging type of waste since they are difficult to shred and are expensive to treat and get rid of. However, tire derived fuel TDF is an extremely good alternative to the traditional fuels used in cement kilns, like oil, coal, and petroleum coke. The following blog presents a solution and explains how TDF can be used for heating cement kilns.

OPTIMA tire TDF plant

The calorific value of tire shred is high and it has nearly the same heat value as oil. But what other benefits are there in utilizing tire shred as a fuel?


ㆍUtilizing TDF saves significantly in fuel cost as traditional fuels can be replaced with cheaper tire shred that has almost equal heat value to oil and is even 25% more effective than coal.


ㆍCompared to the typically used refuse-derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel (SRF), there is less variability in tire derived fuel (TDF), which makes the burning process easier to manage.


ㆍThe number of end-of-life tires is growing globally and at the same time many countries are banning the dumping of tires in landfills. Thus, there is a huge amount of precious raw material—which many consider problematic waste—available basically everywhere.


ㆍUsing TDF in cement kilns reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides NOx and costs since less urea is needed. In addition, emissions of particulate matter are lower.


Yes, tire shred is a good alternative fuel in cement kilns. And there is a feasible solution for producing it.


Why OPTIMA tire TDF plant is an excellent machine for producing tire derived fuel (TDF) from end-of-life tires


OPTIMA tire TDF plant is perfect for processing end-of-life tires and producing TDF suitable for use in cement kilns. These four characteristics make it the perfect choice for this task:

OPTIMA tire TDF plant

Optimal particle size: You can easily adjust the particle size of the tire shred to the required size within a 50–500 mm range. The optimal particle size is dependent on the feeding method, mixture used, and the technology of your cement kiln. The particle size produced can be adjusted by changing the screen and adjusting the number of counter-knives.


Powerful cutting capacity: It can cut over 6000 tons of car tires or over 4000 tons of truck tires.


Smoother shredding process: This product uses a disc classifier, so the capacity is greatly increased, with a maximum capacity of 7 tons per hour.


Longer service life: We purchase famous brand motors and gearboxes to ensure a longer service life of the shredder.


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