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FAQ about Optima Tire Recycling Line

Jun. 26, 2023

Q1: How to choose a suitable machine?

A: Please answer first:

     a: What material do you want to shred?

     b: What is the usage of the crushing material? 

     c: How many tons per hour do you demand?

     After that, a suitable machine could be introduced to you. 


Q2: What about the shipping and package?

A: We arrange shipment according to your requirements. It is included in our TURNKEY service.  

Mobile Tire Shredder


Q3: Can I visit your company or factory?

A: Of course, you can. Our production plant is in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province. When you fly to China, we could pick you up at the airport or train station. 


Q4: What's the relationship between Optima and Dura-shred? 

A: Shareholder, they are 2 brands belonging to the same group 


Q5:What about the warranty?

A: 1-year warranty for main parts,20 years for the heavy-duty machine.


Q6: Will you send the engineer to guide the installation?

A: Yes, according to the customer's requirement, engineers will be sent to guide installation, commissioning, and training.


Q7:Can you offer the OEM and the R&D product?

A: OEM & ODM are available by the engineering team with 15+ years of experience.


Q8:What is the main feature of your shredder?

  • Be designed with an aggressive low RPM, high torque shredding technology.

  • All of our blades are made from exotic steel and heat-treated to an average of 56-60 on the Rockwell Scale.

  • Each shaft is driven by its own Siemens motor, giving it plenty of power to drive through tires and thick steel beads.

  • Customized capacity can be up to 20tons per hour


Q9:What's the main feature of your rasper?

  • Steel separation.

  • Adjustable screen.

  • The main rotor housing is equipped with replaceable wear plates to increase the durability and longevity of the cutting chamber.

  • The ability to turn the knives once before having to send them to be sharpened or replaced, minimizing operation costs.


Q10: What's the main feature of your granulator?

  • 99% fiber removed.

  • Adjustable screen.

  • Due to the design of the Granulator and the precise alignment of the blades, the granulator produces a very uniform cut and high-quality granules.


Q11: What's the main feature of your miller?

  • The powders are screened by an adjustable centrifugal screen until the desired size is reached.

  • The blade inside is made of Tungsten Steel and has a long life cycle.


Mobile Tire Shredder

Q12: What makes you different from your competitors? Why are you better?

  • Engineering and technology are very good

  • Good history of quality and service

  • Construction accurate

  • Welds good

  • PLC control, very easy operation

  • Turnkey service include design,production,logistic,customs,installation,commissioning,etc.


Q13: Which country have you exported to?

A: USA, Puerto Rico, Chile, Spain, Morocco, UK, Russia, Kazakhstan, Oman, India, etc.


Q14: Why is your price so expensive?

  • Technology

  • Material of blade

  • Blade life

  • After-sale service


Q15: Can I visit a site nearby?

A: Yes sure, we will check who are the nearby clients and contact them to get their consent.


Q16: Do you know the purchasers of outfeed?

A: Yes, we have some market resource info, we'd like to share them with you after you become one of our customers.

Q17: Will you send the engineer to guide the installation?

A: Yes, according to the customer's requirement, engineers will be sent to guide installation, commissioning, and training.

Q18: Which country have you exported to?

A: USA,Puerto Rico,Spain,UK,Kazakhstan,Morroco,India,Oman,Colombia,etc

Q19: Which brand of motor will you use?

A: China top brand Wannan or overseas brand Siemens, ABB, etc. Your requirement is acceptable.

Q20: About the after-sale service, how can you solve the problems that occurred of your overseas customer in time?

A: The warranty of our machine is normally 12 months, during this period, we will arrange the international express immediately, to make sure the replace parts to be delivered as soon as possible.   

Q21: Is there any additional installation fee?

A: You will be responsible for the round tickets, accommodation, and salary for an engineer(s).

Q22: I want one shredder with the capacity of 5 T/H, how many tires does it shred?

A: About 600 pcs of car tires(outer diameter less than 800mm) per hour or 200 pcs of truck tires (outer diameter less than 1200mm)per hour.  

Q23: What is the largest capacity of your shredder?

A: For car tires, the capacity of our customized double shaft shredder is up to 20 Tons per hour.


Q24: Can you send us the layout and electric drawing?

Files sent with machines, including layout drawing, foundation drawing, electrical drawing, manual, packing list, spare parts list, factory test report, installation, and maintenance video.

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