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Recycling Copper Wire: What You Should Know

Nov. 15, 2022

A copper wire recycling machine is called a copper wire granulator machine, which is used for recycling all kinds of scrap cable wires to separate copper and plastic. It can handle some raw materials including copper wire, telephone wire, communication line, control panel line, industrial copper wire, and other scrap wires and cables.

Small Cable Granulator and Separator

Small Cable Granulator and Separator


4 advantages of recycling copper wire


1. Protect the environment and community health

One of the reasons copper is so prevalent in electrical wiring is because it doesn't lose its electrical connectivity over time. Copper is an extremely durable metal.

Unfortunately, though, this resilience means copper wire does not easily deteriorate in landfills. If the copper does enter the soil, it can harm animals' health and restrict local plant diversity.

Recycling copper wire keeps landfill levels low and slows the depletion of natural resources. The copper recycling process also uses 85 to 90 percent less energy than mining and processing virgin copper ore.


2. Build a reputation as a sustainable company

Maintaining a positive public image is a top priority for any company. A strong record of sustainability can give you a competitive advantage, helping you win more bids for projects.

When you proactively plan and implement copper recycling, you can showcase how your company is giving back to the community and protecting the environment.


3. Clean up waste from your job site

Whatever project you're working on, scrap wire can pile up quickly. That's why it's important to have a plan for disposing of your scrap before you begin working.

A cluttered job site can reduce worker productivity and reflect poorly on your company's reputation.

Your scrap wire and cable must go somewhere. Why not recycle it?

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Scrap Wires And Cables

Scrap Wires And Cables

4. Earn money for scrap wire

Perhaps the most practical reason to recycle copper is to receive payment. Copper is a valuable metal that can often be sold to recoup wire costs.

The price of copper fluctuates with the economy and varies between recycling centers. Some types of copper wire are worth more than others.


What types of copper wire can be recycled?

While pure copper is 100% recyclable, copper wire usually contains other materials that may be less environmentally friendly.

Before you choose a recycling service for your copper wire, it's important to check which types of copper the recycler accepts.

Most recyclers will process the following scrap:

ㆍBare bright

ㆍCopper tubing

ㆍCopper chops

ㆍInsulated copper wire

Bare bright is typically the most valuable kind of copper, but many recycling services accept multiple types of wire.


The processing of copper wire recycling machine

The processing of the copper wire recycling machine can be divided into the following steps.

First, all kinds of scrap cable wires go into the shredding machine through the conveyor belt and shred into 5 to 7 cm pieces and then into the crusher for secondary crushing, separated from 2 to 3 mm metals and small plastic particles. Among them, the crushing system uses the SKD-11 alloy cutter, with high hardness, high toughness and long service life characteristics; But because the separated material may contain some iron, failure to separate the iron can affect the purity and price of the copper, so this material will go into a magnetic separator to remove iron;

Second, due to the different specific gravity of plastic and metal, then they are separated into metal and plastic by air separation;

Last, for some thin wires, less than 3 mm in diameter, the relative content of 99% copper and plastic can be separated by electrostatic separation according to the difference between metal and plastic conductivity.


In the whole process, the copper wire recycling machine separates copper and plastic through a process of crushing, air separation or electrostatic separation, without the use of fire, water or chemicals, so there is no secondary pollution to the environment. Optima provides copper wire recycling machines including 120mm Cable Stripping Machine, 100kg Copper Cable Granulator and small copper wire granulator separator for one electrician, etc. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now.

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