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Is Wire Stripping Machine Worth The Investment?

Jun. 26, 2023

A wire stripping machine is a machine that strips the plastic sheath and the metal core of wires and other outer wraps. Due to the difference in wire diameter, wire material, and composition, there are different suitable models: short thin wire type, large square type, flat wire type, sheathed wire, coaxial wire type, etc. The electronic wire stripping machine is the most widely used in the machinery industry. People rely on various mechanical automation in many places, and the wire stripping machine is the machine that can help people produce the most. Next, let's take a look at the purpose and precautions of the wire stripping machine. Here are some answers.

120mm Cable Stripping Machine


What are the main uses of wire stripping machines?

The wire stripping machine can be stubborn in quality according to the material, warp, length, and shape of the workpiece to be processed, and the length is automatically adjusted, and it will automatically stop when it is wireless or knotted. The power wire stripping machine layout facilitates the stripping of the wires directly connected to the adjacent parts, and automatically proposes on time, with fast speed, high maintenance, and simple operation. The opening guide plate and the knife feeding cam are installed at the reserved position of the rack, the wire stripping and clamping device is installed on the turntable, and the cam, guide wheel, guidepost that promote the flow of the wire stripper are installed. The stripping device has a knife holder seat and a stripping knife to realize the purpose of automatic stripping. The wire clamping device has wire clamping pliers and wire clamping pliers, and the clamping pliers are provided with a compression spring and a force plate.


Wire stripping machine is mainly used for wire harness processing of various manufactured products in the electronics industry, automobile, and motorcycle parts industry, instruments, meters, electrical appliances, electromechanics, lamps, toys, etc. The industrial wire stripping machine is a fully automated wire harness processing equipment used to process wire ends.


Matters needing attention for wire stripping machine

First, the working power supply of the wire stripping machine is AC220V±10%, 50~60Hz. For the machine to work normally, the user must be equipped with a regulated power supply. Second, use the special power cord of the electric stripping machine. Third, to ensure that the working environment of the wire stripping machine is clean, free of dust, no corrosive chemicals, and no strong electromagnetic field interference. The working environment temperature is -10°C to +35°C. Do not place it in an extremely cold or extremely hot environment, and ensure good ventilation. Fourth, do not use the same set of power supplies with equipment that frequently uses relays, electromagnets to work. Fifth, regularly lubricate and maintain the mechanical transmission parts.


How much is stripped wire worth?

Note:  wire comes primarily comes in either copper or aluminum core and is either solid or stranded.  OPTIMA wire stripping machines strip both solid and stranded copper.   Many machines on the market cannot strip stranded copper at thinner gauges.

The wire core is worth money and can be sold to scrap yards or recycling centers for favorable money.   ie: $ 2 to $ 3 / lb for bare bright copper material.

For stripped aluminum core market rates are anywhere from $ 0.50 to $ 1.00 lbs.


How long is the payback period for a wire stripping machine?

When you strip the insulation from scrap wire the core is known as bare bright copper.  Bare bright copper can go anywhere from 2 to 3 dollars lbs depending on market rates.

If you have a regular supply of scrap wire your payback period for a machine is very fast.  Some customers reported they paid back their machines in as little as a few hours of processing scrap wire.

Remember the amount of scrap wire you have to process and the material thickness will determine how much money you will make and how quickly the payback period will be.


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