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Plastic Shredder Machine

Plastic Shredders For Plastic Recycling

As a plastic shredder manufacturer, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable plastic recycling solutions. Our plastic shredder machines are widely used in the plastic recycling industry, including processing various plastic materials such as waste films, waste plastic bottles, waste materials, and engineering plastics.

Our shredder line includes twin-shaft shredders and single-shaft shredders, suitable for different types and sizes of plastic recycling tasks. The twin-shaft shredder is suitable for processing large, hard plastics, such as engineering plastics, and can efficiently crush plastic waste. The single-shaft shredder is suitable for processing soft plastics, such as waste film, waste plastic bottles, etc., and has the ability to efficiently process waste plastics.

Optima Recycling is committed to providing advanced plastic shredder technology to help customers achieve high efficiency and low cost of plastic recycling. No matter what type of plastic waste you need to process, we have a shredder solution to suit your needs. Welcome to contact us to learn more about our products and services!

Plastic Shredder Machine

Plastic Recycling

The first step in plastic recycling is using a sturdy and reliable plastic shredder. Optima Recycling's twin-shaft shredders and single-shaft shredders are suitable for a variety of applications such as plastic barrel shredding, plastic pipe, stretch film shredding and packaging material shredding. Optima Recycling has also designed systems to recover nylon from post-consumer carpets, woven bags, and destroy consumer products to recycle packaging and prevent liability before disposal. Plastic reduction systems from Optima Recycling® continue to expand the range of recyclable plastic products. In addition to these waste plastics, Optima Recycling® has also designed systems that can shred tough materials such as metal scraps, tires, and solid waste.

Plastic Dhredder

For industrial applications, our high-quality plastic shredders get the job done perfectly. Shredders from Optima Recycling® easily overcome the challenges often encountered when shredding thicker materials like plastic. These twin and single shaft shredders are designed with a focus on high torque to power sharp and durable knives as they can easily bite into material and chew it into sizable pieces. The entire crushing process takes place quickly and efficiently. All of our stationary shredders can be used for the reduction, recycling and processing of a wide range of plastic products.

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